what are the visa options for non-canadian citizens to work in canada

Non-Canadian citizens have several visa options to work in Canada. Here are some key points based on the provided search results:

  1. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): Non-Canadian citizens who want to work in Canada may need a TRV or an eTA. A TRV is an official document placed in the passport, while an eTA is electronically linked to the passport, both indicating eligibility to enter Canada as a temporary resident
  2. Types of Work Permits: Canada offers job-specific work permits and open work permits for foreign workers. Job-specific permits are exclusive to the employer offering the job, while open work permits allow working in most jobs without being tied to a specific employer
  3. Intra-Company Transfer: This type of work permit does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and is for transferring executives, senior management, and skilled workers with specialized knowledge from a foreign company to a related Canadian company
  4. Eligibility for Open Work Permits: Non-Canadian citizens may be eligible for an open work permit if they are post-graduates from certain Canadian post-secondary institutions, spouses of temporary foreign workers in Canada, applicants for permanent residence under specific immigration programs, or dependent family members of permanent residence applicants.
  5. Renewal and Permanent Residency: Work permits in Canada have set durations, and individuals may only work for up to four years continuously or cumulatively before needing to remain outside Canada for four years. Obtaining a work permit can also be a pathway to permanent residence through programs like Express Entry or the Skilled Workers Program.

These visa options provide avenues for non-Canadian citizens to legally work in Canada, each with its own set of requirements and conditions.

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