Zuwanu Launches Wallet system for Customers

Good news Zuwanu african leading online marketplace has launched a new system to enable Customers Transact Cashless on their website.  Here are few Things you should know about zuwanu Wallet



  • What is zuwanu wallet? our wallet system is a means which allows our customers and merchants to store up their money on our store in their respective wallet accounts which enables them to use their saved money for future payments and other transactions on zuwanu.
  • What to do with My wallet? You can for shopping using money from your digital wallet instead of using your credit cards all the time. you can also make transfer to other users using their emails enabling circulate money between one another.
  • Can i pay with credit card and my Wallet at same time? when you make purchases and checkout to pay, you can chose to pay with your wallet or other payment option, when you do not have the complete balance in your wallet your we will let you complete the remaining balance through other paypayment gateways or when you toptop next
  • Can i top up my zuwanu Wallet and how? Yes to be able to use your virtual currency you need to recharge your wallet using your bank or credit cards. its the easiest way to save your money, enabling you to shop with ease and pay your Bill.
  • How safe is it to save in my wallet on zuwanu? We do not have access to your wallet nor control your transactions, we provide security to keep your transactions protected and not disclosable to the public. if you keep your password safe and strong, your account and wallet is safe.
  • How much can i save on zuwanu wallet?: you can save from 1 to 10000 dollars.
  • Can i withdraw my money from my wallet if i want to ? YES YOU CAN

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