Youzify posts showing double image on activity page solved | Smash Fix 2021

Youzify posts showing double image
(Youzify posts showing double image )Greetings dear reader, if you are reading this i can guess you are having an issue whereby when a user makes a post on their activity page or blog posts on youzify plugin enabled website, the image displays in two place, if that’s the problem don’t worry, i will show you how to fix this.

Login to your wordpress admin dashboard and do the following things .

Step 1 Goto pluin area and add new search and

install Conditionally display featured image on singular pages and posts PLUGIN by cyrill bolliger activate the plugin.

Goto your blog posts

edit your posts by selecting them one by one

Go to the sidebar from where you add featured images to your post

Below the featured image of your post tick or mark the box titled (Display featured image in post lists only, hide on singular views), now hit save or update or publish.

with these done, clear the cache of your website, go to settings > permalinks and resave the permalinks with this, the problem will be solved.

kindly share this post if it helped.