why am not visiting senegal This 2019

As the quest for quiet and memorable Holidays and tours in safe and beautiful countries increases everyday, people tends to make more inquiries on how safe and healthy a country is therefor i have to get you informed about what i have seen in my stay in Senegal and why its not good for you if your inspections falls into the categories am going to talk about.

Its no doubt Senegal is a beautiful Country with good and hospitable people, a country that comprises of Muslims and christian brother hoods  who co-exists with one another peacefully with rich cultural values. Senegal which shares boarder with countries like Gambia, Guinea Bissau is located in West Africa and Has an Approximate population of 19.532 million People in 2019 and its capital is Dakar.

Unlike other African Countries where there is Crises due to Religious issues, Senegal is Most peaceful country you can dream to visit in Africa, unlike Nigeria, south Africa, Ghana and Niger republic which are areas Dense with Terrorism and insecurity.

there is 24 hours electricity and water supply in Senegal and security in Senegal But these is why you should not be In Senegal.


  1.  HOT Weather: the Temperature is extremely Hot almost all year round. this is not cool for you if you are looking for a country with mild accommodating Atmosphere, although Senegal is Surrounded by The Atlantic ocean its, still hot till November. the only them you will experience cold is from second week of November till first week of March. you see why you should not ask why it seems like you are visiting the Sahara Desert.
  2. Language: If you are not a french speaking fellow its not going to be easy for you in Senegal because their official Language is french and you know how Difficult it can be to waste another 2 years learning Cava cava bien when you are already 40 years old lol.
  3. Lack of Jobs: Unless you are an Investor its not going to be very easy in Senegal, as majority of the Locals are petty traders and some not employed, so job hunt here is tough. coming for job in Senegal, ensure you have a strong contact and the job already waiting if not, you maybe disappointed.

4. High cost Of Living: In Senegal, there are many beautiful housing estates and properties, majority of people to be seen  in this places are the elites in the society and one significant thing about this country is that no matter the area you chose to live according to your income, You end up paying the same thing with the rich. Senegal is a poor But Highly Expensive country, the Worst in Africa. Its very difficult to take something home here if you are going to be a salary earner because almost everything from food to house and cloths  expensive  and the cheapest food here is MGBURU, (BREAD) Which is sold at 150 fcfa and another cheaper system in Senegal is Their Transport system apart from the Taxi.

why not to visit senegal

If you are considering any of the above Reasons already, kindly note that it may not be cool visiting Senegal.

its a good country for business if you are an investor and its peaceful and secure with no history of violence.  i shall tell you why you should visit Senegal in my future publications. if this posts is helpful, please make sure you share and subscribe to our notifications for more info when we update.

By Okechukwu Faithee


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