Who is Zuwanu.Com and what to expect when you visit site

Zuwanu.com is an online store with powerful market place capability developed with the aim of easing buying And selling.
           It was found in the year 2019, owned and managed by Mr. Okechukwu Faith of Anythingnaija Groups.
Zuwanu has its headquarter  located in Dakar, Senegal and Branch in Nigeria.
            Zuwanu is here to help provide customers for legitimate sellers. It is a platform where buyers can easily get customers within and outside their location by placing their adverts.
We specialize in advertising your goods, if you are capable of delivering when orders are made by people who see them.
            The sole aim zuwanu was put up is to ease the busy people who does not have the time to visit the physical shops and stores for their shopping With the stress.
Another aim, is to help sellers reach out to different customers anywhere in the world thereby expanding their selling capability.
    Our goal is to grow fast by going globally. place adverts of your products on zuwanu today, we have you covered.
With Zuwanu.com you can sell while sleeping.

                               Things You can Buy or Sell On Zuwanu.com

  1.  Automobiles – Buyers can meet their dream cars and Transact with the Vendors on Zuwanu
  2. Electrons – phones, Televisions, and Other Electronic Gadgets are available on zuwanu shop
  3. Animals and Pets: animal lovers and pets can advertise and buy their dream pets from zuwanu marketplace
  4. Properties: – Clothing’s and foot wears of high quality Brands are available on Zuwanu
  5. Beauty and Makeups:- Quality Creams and cosmetics can be advertised and purchased from zuwanu marketplace
  6. What you cant buy or Sell on Zuwanu is only Drugs and Weapons (contraband) .

Visit site for more Informations on Www.zuwanu.com

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