We die by carlessness In Nigeria and its time we correct it by taking precautions – Review on Nigerian been a Typical Nigerian and the Dangers

When you find yourself in a danger zone,
Where your life is at risk and that of others. Don’t be a hero or the Breaking news master. Take cover first safe yourself, ignore any material thing you may have with you there. Some people had died through the act of foolishness, Stupidity and materialism. In danger zone your life counts in seconds, your chance of survival decreases every seconds.

How can you see a falling truck and want to get near to take selfie? How can you be in a plane that is having an emergency landing and what you want to do is to grab your baggage thereby reducing that chance of people from exiting. You will see accident happening and some will turn instant journalist, camera men, all because of some stupid likes on fb and insta. Before you report, make sure you are safe and sure of your life, stupidity can’t not kill us Nigerians.

About the fuel tanker yesterday, what killed alot was the desire to save their cars and not their life’s first. Some where taking selfies. Some were  carried away by Tension. Some had not allowed others to get off first by everyone trying to exit same time and therefore people will die of stampede. I know I have lost some friends here who I may never here from again due to the incident, some are known while some ain’t. We leave in a failed system where the masses are oppressed by the elephants we placed in power. Where the rule of law is violated where human rights doesn’t work, where the security will fight and kill you to protect their caucus interest, it’s our duty to make sure we savage and save ourselves from these hardships by taking basic precautions while living our life’s. He who fight and run leaves to fight another day. Whatever you may lose is not worth your life. Don’t be that driver who would want to reverse his car in a fire incident or rubbery attacks, escape first one foot , you can get whatever you lost in future if you are alive. I write in pain and sorrow, for we are victims of a failed system. Beware, make things right and get your PVC. Word of Prayer for the Victims of the country called Nigeria


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