We and the Drug Cartel…by Udenenwu John Chike

We and the Drug Cartel…By Udenenwu John Chike xa

I must begin today’s piece on that subject & with a word of prayer. I’m not used to too much prayer, albeit I pray that God Almighty will harken to the prayers of our parents and bring healing to the souls of our teaming youths held hostage by illicit drugs and its consequent effect of addiction. Amen!

The worst thing that could happen to any parent is losing control over his/her child. Drug addiction makes that possible! It is taking our loved ones down to our faces, and we appear to be helpless about it. Children are vulnerable beings, they are easily influenced into getting involved in dealing drugs, this is simply because they lack the experience to fully comprehend what they are getting themselves into.

When a member of a family begins experimenting with drugs, it always go unnoticed until it gets out of control. As the problem unfolds, family members always come up with different suggestions on how to curb the problem. I’d seen instances where addicts were punished, and are made to suffer great pain in an attempt to deter them from using drugs. After all attempts to fix this problem proves abortive, family members are often left with a feeling of shame, grief, depression, anger and resentment, which are consequence of unhealthy responses to the problem.

From age seven, through adolescence, peer friendship emerges and with current trends, your child is most likely going to connect with someone who had started using drugs at school, play grounds, Mosque or Church. Some kids willingly experiment with these drugs because at first, it appears to be great fun. Other kids yield to peer influence because of curiosity or the desire to fit into the group. And socially anxious children who quickly figure out that alcohol and other substances can provide ease and comfort in situations that are anxiety-provoking resort to drugs to get the desired effect. That is how it always begin.

Families need to understand that addiction is a mental health disorder, which requires the help of a trained professional. While inexperienced individual may not be able to help an addict to recover, family members can play a significant role in recovery. With their support, addicts are more likely to stay in treatment and have a successful outcome…

To be continued…

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