Tunde Ednut blocks samklef

war starts as Tunde Ednut blocks samklef his Junior colleague on their Instagram workshop ( Hot best celeb Beef 2020)

Tunde Ednut blocks samklef

Tunde Ednut blocks samklef.

popular music producer, Samklef has called out Tunde Ednut an instagram blogger for blocking him and Record label boss turn Vlogger Ubi Franklin on Instagram because they started their channels on the social media platform.

on his Instagram page, Samklef Lamented how he has been friends with the singer turned blogger since 2007.

why did Tunde Ednut blocks samklef?

According to him, during the period of their friendship, they never had any issues but since he started his own channel.

Tunde felt threatened and decided to block him and the Triple MG boss.

He further added that he doesn’t believe Tunde Ednut relocated from Nigeria to the United States with his competition mentality.

in his words he said

Yes Nigerians can sell on Zuwanu join now

I believe the sky is large enough for everybody to shine. No be only one brand of moto dey this world! Jay-Z has Ace of spade, Puff Daddy has Ciroc and Rick-Ross has Belaire Rose and all of them are making money and still friends in business.

Do you think Tunde ednut blocks samklef is due to jealousy?

I’m shocked that someone i thought was my guy’ who came to see me in my hotel’ even brought a drink and we drank together, we celebrated his new car and took photos together blocked me on Instagram 3days after, without any issues.

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Reasons why because he feels that I’m a threat! I have never had any issue with him since we have been friends since 2007.

Nawa oh! I just can’t believe he still carry that Naija competitive mentality enter yankee after all these years. We grow by lifting others, my guy block me’ even block ubi Franklin 2…no wahala! God dey. Aye kpo gan!

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He is a nigerian Musician who turned blogger after failed carrier in music. he was deported from Uk back to Nigeria Years ago and he has recently relocated to US.


Samklef is a near successful music Producer who dropped from Limelight after producing couple of successful hit songs in Nigeria between 2012 to 2015, he is currently an Instagram blogger with at least 20 posts per day.


Both failed in their music Carriers.

Difference between Tunde ednut and samklef.

Tunde ednuts is angry and jealous fearing samklef will out shine him in their Instagblogging Jobs.

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