Video: Nigerian man Narrates his ordeals in the hands of armed rubbers in River state while going to Anambra state

A Facebook user by the name Anayo John Paul has Narrated how he faced a near death experience in river state recently as he was shot while on his way to Onitsha anambra state.

On the 19th day of June at exactly 5:37pm, i was on my way back to onitsha from portharcourt, i could remember playing music in my car as the road was clear and smooth, passing through series of checkpoint, both military and police. As I was about approaching imo state, somewhere around elele, in between two police checkpoints (may my enemies never witness what I witnessed), i felt something strange pierce through my skin from the back seat, still wondering what might have happened, i heard gunshots at the back and realising what happened i started shouting “I’ve been shot”, i drove faster while crying to God for help, as i approached the next checkpoint the police officers started firing back while taking cover inside the Bush, i also left my car and ran into the bush with them.
When everything settled,i felt a surge of strength flow through my already collapsing body and with the last strength i had, I drove my car towards the police officers who took me to Madonna University teaching hospital where i was taken into the Emergency unit.
I feel like I’ve been giving another chance at life and I want to thank Almighty God who made it possible. IN GOD I TRUST.


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please wish him speedy recovery

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