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Truth about Ezego’s Death and abandoned properties



It remains a surprise to many members of the community how the expensive properties and valuables inside the compound of Chief Victor Okafor aka King of Money(ezego)have been abandoned.


Robbers have not attempted to burgle the compound or attempt to steal any of the valuables because of the late owner’s rumored issue with Okija Shrine which they say was the cause of his death.


A visit to the village called Uzoakwa in Ihiala, Anambra State the home of the late popular business mogul, showed that his mansion which is worth about N500m has since been deserted after his death.

Some of the indigenes say there was a mystery behind the abandoned property which comprises a lot of houses with valuables kept inside which made robbers not to vandalize those items.

The mansion has no security guarding it and members of the immediate family including his wife and children have not returned to the compound since the death of the businessman some years ago.

Properties inside the abandoned property include golden chairs and tables, rugs, electronics expensive fabrics and abandoned vehicles worth millions of naira have remained just the way they were left because robbers are scared of the place because of an issue which the late billionaire had with okija shrine which is a dreaded shrine.Any robber who steals from the mansion may be in danger.

Sources say the late billionaire was summoned by one of his kinsmen to the shrine over a business deal which Okafor was said to have cheated the kinsman.It is believed that his refusal to answer the summons led to his death.

While it could not be confirmed if the shrine actually killed Okafor, it is believed that when a person dies as a result of any issue with a deity in Igbo land like the Okija shrine, all the properties belonging to the deceased immediately belongs to that shrine until certain rituals were performed.

His wife is said to have remarried after the death of Ezego who died in an accident in December 1999 in Okija town which is close to his village.Several controversies which surrounded his death led to the collapse of his business and family.

The will of the business mogul was reported not read because the lawyer who had prepared the will one was murdered along with his wife.

He was known in his community for assisting people without discrimination.

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