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ABOUT Mercy Ada Jesus

Death is inevitable for all man, but the journey to death is where the problem lies, you see I have come to terms with death, I’m afraid of it ? Yes I am, have I accepted it as an end to a man yes,

ABOUT Mercy Ada Jesus

But I am afraid of loosing my soul not fulfilling the destiny that my God sent me to fulfill and that is to give, to love, to forgive, to assist , to help, to guide and to pray for my enemies,

Many have turned to preachers since Ada’s ill health, do you know the worst that will happen to her? Yes your guess is as good as mine, DEATH..

Do you know that Ada is just 22 years old? Yes she’s 22, she’s a baby forget her skit, forget her stubbornness, forget her escapades, she’s a baby with obviously a little bit of ignorance and unawareness of the situations of life,

Many matured people on this social media is as well uncouth, have insulted a lot of people, people like Ada Nanka have been dragged by many of you, pastors have been dragged and these passed have cursed a lot off on this space;

I will reiterate, Ada have been sick since 2years, she keeps relapsing and was thinking it’s something that native medication could take care of and that was her biggest mistake,

what is it that this girl have done that we can’t forgive and forget,

She is in pain, her legs are swollen, her stomach is bloated, she can’t breathe well, she has constant muscle cramps; she has unbearable headaches, pain and fever, where have we kept our mercy,

Now let’s listen, if we don’t help her one thing we will wait is to say is RIP in peace, then everyone will rest, we will all retire to our rooms and be happy that one insulting comedian that we don’t really like is gone, then what else ?

We wait for her burial then cry and write our eulogy and life goes one, then on this space someone else will insult someone and you that stood still and watch this girl die without a second chance will support that insult because maybe that person is one you like,

I am writing this post because I have come to terms with lives nature somethings you can’t change because it’s not in our hand totally to do so, if it were God knows I won’t wait to assist,

Lastly her account remains the same as you can see under this post, before scrolling pass please don’t forget this girl is just 22yrs old, should she die because of her misguided words of ignorance as a child or does she deserve a second chance to make amends for the wrongs she have done?

You be the judge !!!

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