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The Ultimate cure to fire Hazard in Populated business places like Onitsha

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fire hazard, Onitsha

I have one thing to say and it’s very important about this fire hazard at Onitsha. Be it life,properties, businesses and investment without protection is like crossing a sea with bare legs. We Easterners know very well we don’t benefit any good thing from Nigeria government. We must try all we can do to secure our life and prosperities without aid of failed government.

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I suggest that if chairman of all the market in East here must made compulsory that each shop must get one 5 to 10kg of fire extinguisher which may not cost more than 15,000 Naira. There will be about 10,000 or more shops around Ochanja and upper Iweka vicinity where this ugly incident happened.

If about 500 people only brought their fire extinguishers and started quenching the fire at that tanker falled spot. Their is UBA bank there which quench the fire entering bank with their little fire extinguisher. My people the fire must stop and won’t put people in sorrow like this.

Just because of Naira 5 to 15,000 extinguisher 🧯 people lost their life,billions Naira of houses,properties and goods. Arise chairman or president of market union, line chairman and other heads of markets in any eastern states create a law that abide every one shop must get one extinguisher. Even very important in offices and homes.



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