The body of another call girl discovered in a hotel in owerri today

By Okechukwu Faithee

It’s taking sad turns as majority of our Young girls these days are into coded prostitution while covering it with the status of been  students of  higher institutions while some cover up with been entrepreneurs .

the level of economic voyage of Nigeria is almost on a stagnant stage where everything seems legit once its been acknowledged and given some Glamorous Code names by the media people, these falsehood has changed our wardens mindsets to accept everything fed to them through the media platforms and Tv shows thereby killing the morals of our superior & Holy African Upbringings.

Code Names like (Slay Queen, Call girls, Escort girl, and Runs girl) has fizzled and almost wiped our minds to realize that these set of Fellow are actually the sluts and prostitutes.

Insecurity is also in its bad state in the country as virtually not every hotel where these groups run there industrial business have CCTV let alone light. the condition of the country is bad to the point that even the Hotels and public places which have this Third eye Equipment had them for Fancy and eye shows because of no power supply or total blackout in the country.<>

This morning the body of an unknown lady was found in a Hotel room in Owerri IMO state, hidden under the bed, this looks similar to the one that happened last week in Ph. its suspected that she was killed for ritual purposes as white Cloth can be seen tied round her neck.

We are still following the story and shall let you know our findings with time. Its time the Government should enforce a must CCTV cameras to public and private places to disband the way these serial killers operate these days.

see pictures below.

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