tearful Pictures from the inferno that Befall Onitsha Residents Today


Upper iweka fire

Its with Tears that people ran for their lives today as a petrol carrier Fell on the major Road of Upper iweka in Onitsha Anambra state Nigeria today been 10 of October 2019.

People ran for their lives and some Took the risks of saving their businesses and also thieves made fortune today. Its painful from Reports that this started by 1pm to day till 4pm All attempts Made to reach to the fire fighting command of the state fail due to their unequipped mobility which shows how dead the government of the state is performing and sailing the affairs of the state to doom, Properties and Businesses worth over 200 billion Dollars were lost and countless number of lives where totally destroyed and killed by the fire.

Lagos school collapse: Children die in Lagos building

I want to take the opportunity to warn Nigerians to stay away from where ever they see fuel tanker fell, some hoodlums take it as greatest opportunity to make gains by fetching from the leaking tankers fuel that they could actually afford, this has been a normal process for Nigerians and so many times people has lost their lives to these acts, just yesterday i watched a sad clip where they are fetching fuel from Tanker fallen tanker.

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Those in the hem of affair of this Sicken country Nigeria should Reform their activities and make sure they provide for the security and basic amenities of their society to avoid similar accidents from happening in the future and should create a path for these heavy duty Trucks which always fall and claim innocent Lives. please watch and TAKE CAUTION FOR YOUR OWN LIFE SO THAT YOU WILL NOT INHERIT FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND BE THE NEXT VICTIM.

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