Revolution will be the only way to desolve Nigeria

Revolution will be the only way to desolve Nigeria.

Revolution is the best way to end Nigeria. Look at Cameroon, the totalitarian president of Cameroon, paul Biyar is 87 years old, an octogenarian.

It was a pathetic and all-hope-lost story as we received a report that he is running for the 8th time for President of Cameroon. Recall that he had rule Cameroon for over fourty years ago.

Paul Biyar, Robert Mugabe (ruled Zimbabwe for almost 60 years), Gamah Yahaya (former President of Gambia, who ruled Gambia for more than 30years), others and president Buhari were all close associate during their juvenile political and military careers.

Colonial masters still have hands in outrageous story and despotic policies in Africa. Look at as France watches hundreds of thousands of life being slaughtered in daily basis in southern (Anglophone speaking Cameroon) because he endorses is to quell the succession moves by Ambazonia.

Look at Zimbabwe, if not that Military took over the situation. The case would still be the same by now and it is still unquestionable fact that Mugabe rules Zimbabwe indirectly now.

Look at Gambia. Yahaya started ruling under military regime during his early 20s in Gambian army and until 2017, he refuses to concede election to his opponent who won the election if not for World intervention. The same Yahaya implemented policies against press release, media and journalist/journalism to avoid his atrocities been exposed to the world at large.

Look at Buhari. In 1984-85 when he was military head of state with Idiagbon. They only derive joy in locking up their critics or perceived enemies in jail, he Buhari has core dictatoral tendency to the extent of appointing himself as being in charge of petroleum trust fund (PTF). He embezzled alot of money. Today he is the president of Nigeria and has killed countless millions of people and has continued to do so as Britain watches.

Britain endorses the killings because of move to quell Biafra agitation, as they did in Nigeria Biafra genocide war, in 1967-70s hoping that Igbos will not survive the traumatic incidences of the deliberate genocide but look at where igbos were today.

God can not intervene as it stands now because action speak louder than anything. Nigeria problem can only be remedied by disintegration of the entity called Nigeria so that everyone will leave in peace, we will deal with internal problems diligently and pragmatically when the time comes.

Fulanis determined to islamize Nigeria and they have almost succeeded.

Some times, it is better to make the wrong choice than to stand and perish. The wrong choice is going for eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth with Fulani’s and their cohorts even if we all die in the process.

This is what religion, political difference and ethnicity/nationality has plunged the world today, crisis every. Corruption, embezzlement, etc are the secondary factors that facilitate the above primary factors and the problem perpetuates.

I pity for the younger generation because it is obvious that they will not make it with their identity.

By Chiekezie kene F N.Revolution will be the only way to desolve Nigeria

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