R Kelly requests immediate Access To Sexual Tapes ahead of court battle – 2021

The legal battle between R.Kelly and the Feds. regarding his sexual abuse of minors continues to be a major public affair as there has been a back and forth amongst R.Kelly, Journalists, Lawyers, alleged victims, police and the alleged victims’ parents.

R kelly, Sexual Tapes
Sexual Tapes R. Kelly
R. Kelly in concert at Bass Concert Hall, Austin, USA – 03 Mar 2017

Since the docu-series, “Surviving R.Kelly” hit the internet, the calls for Kelly to be prosecuted have been escalated and swift as the public wants the “monster” be taking out of the society and locked up in Jail. In this regard, there have been several reports from the police and alleged victims’ parent’s attorney of a third R.Kelly’s sex tapes with the minors that will be key in nailing the singer in court.

However, according to TMZ, R Kelly has informed his lawyer; Steven Greenberg to put pressure on the police in order to have them have a view of the sex tapes they claim they have. Greenberg said that every material he has discovered will be handed over to the court on the 22nd of March, 2019. He also wants the police to have him look at the sex tapes they claim will be used against R.Kelly so that he would know how to prepare for the defence before the next court day.

The attorney also revealed if he’s eventually given access to the tapes, he will do a forensic analysis of it if truly it is R.Kelly who is on it and if not, he will quickly have to file for a trial.

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