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      Good morning Readers, please I need your advice. Am 26 years old and my fiance is 31 years old, but along the line he traveled to Ghana for a contract job, he stayed about two years there, while he was there I met a guy during my youth service, we actually met in camp, and we started dating, my fiance in Ghana came November last year, and he came to see my family for proper introduction, but no date for the marriage yet. So I came back to were am serving and still continue with the guy I met in camp, because I don’t no how to quit him, but all I have in mind was to end up with him after our passing out, but I just got pregnant for this guy I met in camp this month, with what am feeling, I think I love him more than my fiance now, but this guy is not financially stable yet, I don’t know what to do ma, I really need your advice and that of your fans. Thanks

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