Police DPO Allegedly Shot Dead In Ogep-Osokom Crisis

Information reaching us claims that a police DPO has been shot dead in the on going Ogep-Osokom crisis in Boki Local government Area of Cross River State.

The DPO who was shot in a shootout with some cultist was allegedly confirmed death lately.

Base on informations given to Boki Blog today by a correspondent, reveals that a good number of lives have been lost as a result of this crisis.

Onabe Edward on Facebook today disclosed that the police had carried out mass arrests at the troubled zone today. The real perpetrator are said to have vanished into the bush while mostly the innocent members of the community are presently in police custody.

He further said in his chat with a key stakeholder in Kakwagom, he was reliably informed that the root cause of the troubles in the aforementioned community is not unconnected with the struggle for ownership of a certain palm oil estate by some politicians who are farmers.

However, he calls on the Governor to use all available options within his reach to fetch out the real sponsors and perpetrators of this crime.

Secondly, the governor should call on the state police commissioner to step in and investigate those who were arrested. The police should be restrained from any attempt to transfer aggressions on innocent citizens who have been arrested and presently under the police custody.

Wait for more updates.

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