Horrific Photos from Orlu police station Clash with the Unknown Gunmen in Imo state, casualties | 2021

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Photos from Orlu police station Clash, Unknown Gunmen, Photos from Orlu police station Clash
Photos from Orlu police station Clash with Unknown Gunmen, orlu police attack Casualties

Photos from Orlu police station Clash | This is the unseen photos from the scene of clash between unknown Gunmen and the Nigerian Police, Orlu area command, on the 6th of may 2021 there was military presence and shootouts, which lead to the coming of the armed group to repel the army, this lead to heavy shootings all through the night. after the event, the police has refused access to the scene but our sources confirmed that there are more than 16 persons killed from both groups.

the Nigerian Police has released some of the pictures below as cars retrieved from the armed group who where said to be the unknown gunmen, with high success in attacks on police stations and checkpoints in the Eastern part of NIGERIA, the police is saying they were able to foil their escape after disabling some of their vehicles and so far, police has refused comment of the exact number of men it lost and the number of civilian casualties has remain in the dark.

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