Owerri prison break Imo state: Prison Authorities say na 1,884 inmates gunmen free as Buhari describe attack as terrorism

Di Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) for Imo state confam say 1,844 inmates escape from di Owerri prison afta gunmen attack di prison for di early mor mor of 24th december 2022.

For inside statement wey di NCoS spokesman, Francis Enobore release, e say di gunmen wey dem still dey find bin use explosives blast administrative block wey dem make fit enta di prison yard.

Oga Enabore explain say 35 inmates no gree comot for cell during di prison break, but 6 out of dos wey escape don come back.

Also di Acting Controller-General of Corrections, John Mrabure don also order full investigation into di incident.

Dem also dey collabo wit other security organizations to begin search and recover operations to recapture all di inmates wey japa.

One of the wanted inmates wey them never catch na Mr joshua Daberechi wey from Obibi wey de for orlu in imo steti. the steti government has declared him wanted as dem think sey him follow plan the jail break wey set am free.

inside the mata, we discover say both sides no lose any pesin if not the prisoners wey run comot from cell.