Only a prostitute calls other actresses prostitutes —Quenette Agbor

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Queeneth Agbor has disagreed with the age-old notion that actresses sleep around for money to fund their lavish lifestyle.

“I disagree with claims that actresses sleep with men for money and anyone that thinks about actresses that way is a dirty person,” she said in an interview with Broadway TV.

Quenette Agbor Also, reacting to the fact that some acting professionals are in the habit of slut shaming their colleagues, the Calabar-born sultry beauty said only a person who engages in the act of prostitution will accuse another person of such act.



“If as an actress you accuse your fellow colleague of sleeping around for money, which, in other words, is calling that person a prostitute, then you are the biggest prostitute.

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It means you also sleep around to make your money, so in a bid to indirectly tell the world what you do, you drag other people with you. If you are a prostitute please learn to stand alone and not label others as samne,” she retorted.

The ‘Shattered Soul’ actress further explained that actresses who live their dreams are hard workers who invest in other businesses outside acting.
“It is not enough to sit around and depend on acting fees. Actresses that own big houses and live large, have other things that they do.
They have bigger brands and they work hard.

Hard work pays over anything, as long as you know what you want and what you are doing”, she maintained.


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