Ogoo – “I’ll Be There” (Prod. By Doron Clinton)

ogoo is a Nigerian Soul pop singer. Her new single “I’ll be there” is a positive song of love, hope and encouragement to people who are depressed and going through a hard time in life.

In it, she tells a story of about 4 different individuals going through challenges every one can relate with ranging from heart break, self doubt, depression and ultimately suicide and offers them a shoulder to lean on.


?g?? urges them not to give up but to speak up and also to know they are not alone in their struggles. She assured them in love that she and many other people are willing to be a source of strength when they are weak, a friend to lean on.

She hopes to tackle these issues through this single and beyond, and also hopes to begin a conversation where people feel free to discuss these mental illness( mainly depression) that has plagued our society and possibly proffer solutions as a community at large.


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