Nnamdi kanu: we will demystify them only in Law Court – Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor Blast FG and their media 2021

Mazi nnamdi kanu, we will demystify them only in Law Court, barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor
political prisoner Mazi Nnamdi kanu

Happy Shabbat Day Umuchineke.

There is no cause for alarm umuchukwu Okike Abiama. Do not panic at all.

I may not wish to dignify their trending falsehood by directly responding to it but it is a bad strategy, already dead on arrival. We saw it coming!

After a robust outing of 21st October, and strong objection raised to the empty charge, the narratives changed.

Note that the media has been awashed with this false narrative right from the very first day Our Client was extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria, even before the 7-Count Amended Charge was filed twice.

Their 7-count Charge was amended twice upon being served with our Preliminary Objection. Remember that the facts they substantially relied upon in their purported Amended charge, dwelt much on this speculation as you saw in their press statement.
In all, I implore you all to remain calm, peaceful and focused, your eyes should always be on the ball, because we will demystify them only in Law Court. They cannot place something on nothing and expect it to stand, it must fail woefully!

Please note that your prayers has been impacting so much, it cannot be taken for granted at all. Please do not relent, Umuchineke.

We believe in the ability of this Honourable court to do justice to all manner of Men ,and that justice must not only be done in our case but SHALL manifestly be seen to have been done. Ignore their media propaganda please, because Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not committed any offence known to Law. He is a POLITICAL PRISONER, and SHALL be out soon,Our formidable legal team will leave no stone unturned to see it happen soon.

Henceforth, No Hearing will be conducted in our Client’s case without media present, we shall insist, come 10th November 2021.

We are very much prepared and ready, waiting. IT SHALL ALL END IN COURT.

Remain blessed Umuchineke and enjoy your weekend.

Love you all.