Nnamdi Kanu is more deadly than Ojukwu – Bishop Mike Okonkwo (new 2020 Hot news

“Nnamdi Kanu is more deadly than Ojukwu” What Nnamdi Kanu Is Doing Is More Dangerous Than What Ojukwu Did Because Nnamdi Kanu Is Engaging World Leaders And Also The International Bodies Into The Idea Of Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu is more deadly than Ojukwu

His Group, IPOB Is One Of The Most Powerful Freedom Movement Now In The World And They Are Moving/Growing So Fast.

“The Nigerian Government Don’t Seem To Understand The Gravity Of The Work This Young Man *(Nnamdi Kanu)* Is Doing Internationally.

Fighting His Group With Guns And Trying To Use Force And Violence To Oppress The Movement Nnamdi Kanu Has Started Will Only Make Matters Worse For Nigeria.


“The Best Way The Nigerian Government Would Have Handled The Situation Was To Dialogue With Nnamdi Kanu And He’s Group But Unfortunately It’s Seems To Late For That Now.

Biafra Is Already A Virus That Has Spread So Wide Now In Nigeria.Copied- Bishop Mike Okonkwo.

Nnamdi Kanu is more deadly than Ojukwu True or false?

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