chinedu otibe and family

Nigerian Man killed by a deity for eating peoples money In South Africa – Video


The internet was on fire since yesterday when a video surfaced from WhatsApp over the death of a Nigerian big boy CHINEDU OKIBE aka  (Ego ogwu).  Who was said to have died from a deity which he was sued to by someone he ate his money after doing business with him.

In the video, the diseased guys room was scattered and not in-order which made some school of thoughts think that he was murdered but there is also a voice call recorded which was made by him to someone who is considered a pastor or the benefactor who CHINEDU ate his money.  He was sounding restless and insane as he is tormented by these forces and was pleading for his life begging the said Tony to allow him send back his money. 

Below Is the video and the voice call. Download and share your point of video on the matter.



Does powerful Deities Exist? Does karma work? Do you believe in Justice? Let’s have your view. Have a blessed morning.


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