Eastern security Network

Ndi Igbo Launches Security group Eastern Security Network to protect their land from rampaging Terrorism in Nigeria – 2020

yesterday been 12th day of December 2020, the Leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Announced the Launch of a new Security outfit Known as Eastern Security Network, A group which will protect the South Eastern part of Nigeria From the Rampaging killings by the fulani Terrorist in the Country.

during the live broadcast Mr Kanu announced that the group is going to function like other security groups owned by the Yoruba and Fulani extractions Protecting Ndi Igbo from Gruesome attacks from Fulani herds men.

He stressed that the people of south eastern part of Nigeria has been killed and maimed in millions over the years and yet no international body has intervened or sanction Nigerian Government for such Barbaric acts sponsored by the government against her people, Mr Kanu was seen in the video saluting the well meaning people of south east who has come out in mass to protect their lands from occupation by the nomadic northers and their Jihadist warriors.

See full video Below.

Eastern Security Network

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