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Mob attacks OPC leader in Okota over alleged ballot box snatching



A man identified simply as Ademola and said to be the leader of the Oodua People’s Congress in Okota area of Lagos State has been mobbed.

Gory videos of the incident have flooded the social media.

Reports had earlier indicated that Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos, witnessed electoral violence, with one individual reportedly confirmed dead at Canal Estate, Okota.

Our Correspondent, Feyisayo Popoola, reported that the Canal Estate victim was killed by persons suspected to be political thugs.

Voters also protested at Polling Unit 023 in Ago Palace Way while the presidential and the National Assembly elections lasted in the area.

Again, electoral materials were burnt in the same Unit 023.

In the trending gory video, the alleged OPC leader, Ademola, is seen writhing with pain on a tarred road, as a mob throws all sorts of dangerous objects, including stones, logs of wood and signboard made of iron sheet at him.

In a short while, Ademola is covered in his own blood, with bloodied head.

As he turns helplessly on the ground, more stones land on his head,while some people capture the horrendous moment with their phones’ cameras.

Ademola turns for the last time and lays still.

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