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  1. "An elder from my village, he is 96 years old said, the killing of an Igbo daughter by invaders, her body dismembered, her blood spilled on the ground portray a doom in our Igbo land.He said spiritually, that act will render all male in that village or community impotent in all areas of life. He said, if that land is not purified and necessary things done traditionally to appease the gods of that land, untimely death, hardship, dry of river, and alot of strange and abominable things will be occurring in that village or community. He said, what the invaders did was to desecrate that village or community spiritually and if things is not done immediately to soften the mind of the gods evil will befall that village. He said it is sacrilege to kill and dismember any Igbo daughter anywhere in Igbo land.

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