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      2 months, 3 weeks ago

      The two Fulani Jihadist terrorists in this video you are watching left their wifes in Nigger, came into South Eastern Region of Nigeria, Biafraland kidnapped the young Biafran lady you are watching and was raping her in their camp, got her pregnant the first time and forcefully aborted it and continued raping her and got her pregnant the second time, all these happened within the period of six months before they were caught at their camp by a vigilant group.

      These and many more are the kinds of atrocities Biafran Women and Girl Children are suffering in the hands of Fulani terrorists in Biafraland.

      The world will not blame Biafrans when we begin to get rid of every Fulani in Biafraland as this evil cannot happen anywhere in the world and the government will be quiet as we are witnessing in Biafraland.

      Share widely.

      Video Evidence! #nigeria #news #igbos #biafra #women #rape

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