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    1 week, 6 days ago

    Dele Aina, deserves

    How do you tell a man that went through both physical and emotional trauma for 2years, 6months, 1week and 2days with 3million of his people dead to forget about Biafra?
    How do you tell him to keep quiet and not talk about what his fathers, mothers, Uncles, Aunties and even siblings went through while the war was on.
    How do you tell him to blur out the memories of children that were starved to death?
    How do you tell him to move on and forget that a genocide was carried out on his people?
    How do you tell him to forget his aspirations, his dreams and beliefs that one day, he will wake up in the Land of rising Sun.
    That one day; he shall mount his flag of horizontal tricolor of red, black, and green, with a golden rising sun over a golden bar in the middle without fear or prejudice.
    That a day will come when he and his brothers and sisters shall sing with one loud voice, the Biafran National Anthem.
    Till that day comes, never belittle the pains of a Biafran.
    c Dele Aina, deserves


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