Video: Man almost killed by angry villagers in awo omama imo state

A man whose point of duty is was to insult the youths and villagers of Awo omama in imo state had been nabbed and almost lynched.
The self acclaimed king of the said village who resides in Austra was seen so many times accusing the youths and the people of his village as been lazy and said they had no king and had pronounced him self their kind so many times. he was nabbed early hours of today by the angry youths who learnt he came back to the village since Friday and was brought to the gathering ground where he was beaten and shaved of his dreadlocks hair which some said is causing him to act mad. according some members of his family the man is said to have some brain malfunction, therefore the villagers is considering to pardon him since his in not sane. You can watch the video BELOW

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