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Information’s on projects for Preemies In Developing Countries by Lady Tamara

Preemies In Developing Countries, Lady Tamara Speaks On Project for Preemies In Developing Countries

Lady Tamara after making her official entry into the modeling industry has revealed that fighting for preemies is like fighting for a part of herself.

Having released her debut photos recently, Vogue Tamara Aghadiuno who is professionally known as Lady Tamara, said that the plight of preemies in developing countries especially is something that should be addressed urgently.

She said that healthcare is not the priority of most of these countries and that makes it very difficult for hospitals, health centers, and maternity homes to be equipped with facilities that can take care of preemies.

I was born a micro-preemie at 24 weeks – Lady Tamara

“I know what it feels like for mothers because I’ve seen my mum talk about it. I was born a micro-preemie at 24 weeks (5 months gestation) and that needs some sophisticated equipment which you can hardly find in some big government hospitals in developing countries

“Most of the deliveries happen in rural health centers where doctors choose when to visit and drugs are scarce for people in the areas. This means that the equipment needed to take care of preemies is never available and one begins to wonder what will become of babies who were delivered prematurely” she said.

Through her foundation, Preemie Power, Lady Tamara has moved to provide materials for preemie babies but calls for more to be done by anyone who can.

She said that there are lots of challenges in developing countries, which start with a lack of steady electricity to power equipment, but she further stated that it is even better to have the machines available so that the power problem can be solved with other alternatives.

“I wish we can do more, I wish I can do, but I’ll keep doing the best I can through Preemie Power because it connects me with these kids who are what I used to be. I feel like I’m fighting for a part of me and that feels so right and amazing at the same time.”

Lady Tamara Speaks On Project for Preemies In Developing Countries

“Countries should pay attention to this situation even when we see it as a rare case. No one knows what these kids would become, at least look at where I am today, which means others can be something better and so deserve to be saved”, Lady Tamara added.

Lady Tamara, who has been working on Preemie Power for some years, revealed that with her career kicking off professionally, she will be taking her campaign on the platform to another level.