Innoson threatened to relocate factory to Lagos or kaduna

I am Under Pressure Now To Relocate To Lagos or Kaduna – Innoson Breaks Silence.  October 21, 2019 .

Many of you would not know why Innoson is persecuted under the smokescreen of GTB nonsense. He was asked to relocate his automobile production plant to either Kaduna or Lagos, he refused and insists to adhere to Ojukwu’s counsel to Nnewi sons “not to move their investments outside Nnewi”. . Later on, Nigeria Air force lured him with the contract of refurbishing their aging aircrafts and requested he executed that contract in Kaduna by moving down his Igbo engineers and sections of his company down to Kaduna, he refused. . Later on, Air force haven seen the necessity of bringing down their dilapidated aircrafts down to Nnewi, were forced to do so, as western countries could not help in the refurbishment. Innoson beyond Nigeria Government’s expectations, gave the previously written off aircrafts, a new lives. . Being afraid of what is happening in Eastern Nigeria and the glamorous tech ongoing in Innoson, FG under Buhari decided to punish Innoson for his refusal to relocate to Lagos or Kaduna where his company will be sensor properly. . The first punishment was series of seizure of his raw materials in wharf by the custom despite import waiver given to him by the Good luck-led government.

Secondly, the 30% policy of buying IVM products by Nigeria government and her agencies by Jonathan Government was cancelled by Buhari. They had accused him of importing arms before just to crush him as they did to Ibeto, but to no avail. . Buhari believes Innoson can manufacture arms for Biafrans to fight Nigeria. If he could refurbished war gunships, he could manufacture arms and armoured personnel carriers for Biafrans should another civil war break between Nigeria and Biafra.



. GTB BANK is just a smokescreen, they (FG) want to use to kill him for refusing their order. According to an insider from Aso Rock a secret meeting was held in Aso Rock recently on how to cripple or withdraw the licence of Innoson for refusing to relocate his vehicle manufacturering company outside Biafra land. The outcome of the meeting also resulted the shooting of his lawyer three times by unknown persons and that more problem are coming for him-the insider said.

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