By Udenenwu John Chike

Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each

of us as individual citizens. And when such opportunities to prosper are blocked

or denied, just as an obstacle in a river makes the water foam, so an obstacle to

our own peoples’ prosperity makes them seethe. Hence, our acts can be no wiser

than our thoughts, and our thinking can be no wiser than our understanding….

Liberation is key!

On a sun-filled morning in the January of 2013, some of our dissatisfied citizens in

our major cities across the federation staged a slow, non-violent but excruciating

march to Occupy Nigeria. A march to demonstrate to the global community that

the 16 years of PDP (mis)rule is enough. Most Nigerians were tired of the grind,

they were tired of the bloodbath, they were tired of the Chibok girls melodrama

and in short, were tired of Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s cluelessness . And of course,

the PDP’s brazen display of impunity in the face of corruption… And all of us

echoed ‘ We want out!’

The propensity of the Occupy Nigeria march sent chill goosebumps down the

spine of the man in the cockpit, shattering every iota of tranquillity in ‘The

Residence’ or the Presidential Villa, as the case maybe. And the President lost his

peace afterwards. The Occupy Nigeria March also gave the media and the

international community what to feed on; gory images of blood, gun-wounds and

death illuminated media spotlight. And hell was finally let loose.

A delegation of northern governors paid Obama a courtesy visit of tears &

lamentation. Michelle Obama’s “# BringBackOurGirls ” sign went viral. The man

known with the “fantastically corrupt” quote, prime minister; David Cameron would

not endorse ‘Uncle Joe’ for a second term in office, the G7 governors staged a

work-out, OBJ publicly disowned his political son and left the party. Aggrieved

party loyalists abandoned the party too. Uncle Joe was left with his relations and

sycophants who deluded him the more.

This media ‘propaganda of sort’ prompted a foreign journalist to inquire, rather

sympathetically of what the people desired. A garbled reply came “We Want

Change”. And this “Change” mentra soon overwhelmed national consciousness

and has since metamorphosed or rather have been adopted as a slogan for a new

merger political party that emerged victorious at the polls in 2015; the APC….

Good news, not so?

Five years have passed and the symbolic Occupy Nigeria Group, fabricated with

political undertone and a desperate desire to gain political power are now seated

at the majestic cum exalted seat of power. And once more Nigerian citizens are

tired, they are fed-up and are wailing in their inner chambers, and are hoping

someone somewhere would help arrest the world’s attention through struggle,

through protest and through civil disobedience. We are hungrier now, our

economy is in worse state now, our poor are not just burdened by hunger but by

disease, penury & death. Killings have exacerbated, the technically defeated Boko

Haram has resurrected and Abubakar Shekau now spitting fire, arm robbery have

gone haywire. Tribal/religious polarization has widened, unemployment rate is the

worst imaginable since independence And the buying power of the Naira is now a

national embarrassment.

But If I be a prophet, there is a young revolutionary group that will emerge in this

time and age. They shall be as hoodlums stomping the bleeding face of every

wailing Nigerian under misery, pain and anguish. They shall emerge as a direct

antithesis of the Occupy Nigeria Group . They shall be college-bred, Ivy League-

clad, youthful, articulate and resolute. They shall possess in no small measure the

imagination and drive of the young, tamed by discipline and commitment to

constitutional principles and the demands of our people.

The nation shall surely react with astonishment to their non-violent revolutionary

crusade and marvel at this breed of young but vibrant Nigerians, cast from new

mold, unaware that a chain reaction was accumulating explosive force behind a

strangely different facade.

Generating these changes shall be a phenomenon Victor Hugo described in these


TIME HAS COME” In the decades of this 21st century, the time for prosperity &

abundance shall arrive our shores. This simple truth shall illuminate the

motivation, the inner tenacity and the goal of these young men daring this

revolutionary movement .

They shall certainly not be in revolt against a lopsided pattern of brazenly

fumbling conservative leadership, as some are likely to presume. Nor is their

conduct to be explained in terms of youth restiveness or exuberance . They shall

carry forward the revolutionary destiny of our own people consciously and

deliberately. Hence the extraordinary willingness to walk into narrow jail cells as

though they are hallowed chambers of the senate, and the boldness to absorb

brutality even to the point of death and remain non-violent.

Their inner strength shall emanate from the justness of our course and the

tempering qualities of our people, even though the majority of our people grope in

ideological confusion of hopelessness and penury; searching for bread where their

is none , aiming for robust health where there are no hospitals, and seeking for

refuge from a polarised security outfit.

The minds of this young revolutionaries shall be infused with a dynamism of both

action and ideological debates. The need of a surging period of change shall have

enormous impact on all Nigerians, sweeping away conventional trivialities and

escapism. The future of our people have long been locked within the narrow walls

of limited opportunities. The time is NOW to break that barrier… And If I be a

prophet, then, there is no greater power on earth that can stop an idea whose

time has come.

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