Hushpuppi scammed US government

Hushpuppi praises Obi cubana from Prison | Latest news in 9ja

Big Boy Friends and Hushpuppi Praises Obi Cubana from Jail.

hushpuppi Hushpuppi praises Obi cubana from Prison
Hushpuppi before the rainy days

Hushpuppi scammed US government

Popular Nigerian-Dubai-based Big Boy Hushpuppi Currently in a US prison has reacted to the recent trend of socialite Obi Cubana after his mother’s funeral.

A video containing a phone call audio has surfaced on social media where Hushpuppi and his friend were heard discussing the current trend and popularity of Oi Cubana. It would be recalled that Obi Cubana made headlines before and after the funeral of his late mother.

Obi Cubana has been in the news for several days after the burial of his mother. Before the burial of his mother, Obi Cubana received over 250 cows from his friends as a way to support him during the funeral of his mother.

The funeral was graced by his friends, loved ones, fans, followers, and, also a lot of celebrities in the country. During the burial, most of his celebrities and rich friends sprayed a lot of money while the celebration was ongoing. The ceremony became one of the most-talked-about in town.

In a video shared on a popular blogger’s page, Hushpuppi and his friend were allegedly discussing Obi Cubana and how he has taken over the streets because of his absence.

watch video below.

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