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How to Sell on anythingnaija Nigeria


Many industries and private businesses are attracted and wants to sell to Nigerian market due to the large population in the market circle, it will take experience and time to learn and survive  in the market due to the rise and fall of price of commodities & Services. You can sell now to anyone anywhere in Nigeria in or offshore using Nigeria’s latest & NO1 classified ad network which delivers your goods to millions of Nigeria viewers who are sourcing for these products from the comfort of your house and you can buy from wholesalers around the world who are Targeting to sell to Nigerian customers here on Anythingnaija.

Steps to Sell or buy online In Nigeria using or its Sister Website

    • Create an account:  Creating an account on the number one online selling website gives you power to Communicate directly with customers, when you register you will now have access to upload your products and services on Anthingnaija.

Who is Zuwanu.Com and what to expect when you visit site

    • Visible Business Venue or verifiable Address:  We do not accept Ghost traders because safety of our users are more important to us.


    • Valid email & Phone number:  For you to sell Your phone number must be active and you will have capacity of replying email messages on time so that you dont miss prospects.


  • BUYERS: Before you buy Goods or services Listed buy users online, please make sure you meet in a safe and public place and verify the goods, Test what you are buying before You pay.


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