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How I nearly missed Beyonce’s album feature invite thinking it was scam mail – Yemi alade | 2021 hot news

Beyonce's album feature
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Beyonce’s album feature | the singer Yemi Alade known as mana Africa has revealed that she almost missed a life changing opportunity to be on the Beyonce’s lion king album. She said We thought it was a scam’ Yemi Alade speaks on ignoring Beyonce’s email Singer Yemi Alade has revealed that she lost out on the opportunity to feature on Beyonce’s Lion King album because her management thought it was a scam.
Yemi Alade was among the six Nigerian artistes featured on the album, which came out in 2019.
In an interview with Olorisupergal, Yemi said “We thought it was a scam email. I wasn’t the one receiving the emails, my management was and the thing is that you have to be a crazy Beyonce fan like me to know that her company’s name is “Parkwood.
“My manager was telling me that he keeps getting these messages from Parkwood. He sounded very irritated and he was thinking of maybe blocking the email, and I asked him what did you say? Did you say “Parkwood?” I said, ‘That is Beyoncé.’”
She also revealed that someone had been to Nigeria to try to reach her but it didn’t happen.
“It took a while, they were at the end of the collection. They’ve been working on this for a while, maybe a month or two. I think even someone at some point came to Nigeria and they were trying to meet me but you know how some people are, they don’t want some people to meet some people.”

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