Horrific Videos how Nigerian Army invades Orlu Imo state – 2021 Hot infos


how Nigerian Army invades Orlu
Nigerian Milltary invades orlu
how Nigerian Army invades Orlu, Things are taking sad turn as there is large military presence in Orlu IMO state as of Today been 25th January 2021.

3 days ago we gathered that Soldiers from Nigerian Army went to Okporo a village in Orlu LGA and opened fire on civilians claiming that Boys from Eastern Security Network of @mazinnamdikanutheleaderipob a vigilante group formed to secure the whole of south east forest from the insurgence of fulani cattle men attacked and killed the men of the Nigerian Army and ceased their bodies.

The whole problem stated when the men of the Nigerian Army and Police went to Okporo to Arrest Men of The Eastern Security Network and met resistance which on the process the army lost some of their men and arms which they confessed to be a horrifying experience to them due to how fortified men of ESN were. Days after the Nigerian Army spokes men released a press statement which went viral on the social media swearing that the people of Orlu will know no peace till they recover their dead comrades which wear alleged to be withheld by the ESN. READ THE LETER HERE.

how Nigerian Army invades Orlu

At the Early hours of today the army stormed orlu again and their was resistance by the ESN and the army shielded bullets using the civilian and these act caused lots of casualties because they launched this attack the communities where people lives.

watch a scary and bloody videos of Army Invasions in Orlu here.

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