“Half Of Me Died With Ras Kimono” – Raggae Star, Ortis Wilikis

The announcement of the death of Ras Kimono on Sunday, June 10th, 2018 has triggered an out pour of praises and eulogies of the late singer. His friend and singer, Ortis Wiliki joined in the praising of the late Ras Kimono and he revealed the last words of iconic Rastaman.

Ortis Wiliki spoke to Saturday Beats about the death of Ras Kimono and how he has been affected by the loss of his friend. He said that half of him died with the late reggae legend.

Wiliki said, “Ras Kimono was an easy going man who was always full of energy. He was a jolly good fellow who hardly had an enemy. We were always together every day. We were together till his final hours on earth. The last thing he said to me was that he was happy everyone came around to wish him the final goodbye. We all had to shout at him not to say that; we were not pleased that he made that statement. It is only the doctor that knows what caused the nature of his death and we do not need to probe further because it would not change anything. He is already gone and we are the only ones that feel pains and emotion. We are the ones thinking about the election and how Nigeria would be better but Ras Kimono is resting now. I would miss his company a lot and I can tell you that half of me is gone with his death. In fact, twins were not as close as we were and there was hardly a time we would not speak together every three hours. When it comes to our music, we toured together and in fact, we played together in Owerri and Port Harcourt recently.

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