Endgame ruined for Philippines viewers after local channel airs pirated version of Avengers

If you, like me, took an absurd amount of measures to prevent seeing Avengers: Endgame spoilers before watching the movie, learning that a local TV station in the Philippines aired a pirated version of the film one day after it was released may make your head roll.

Avengers: Endgame

Orient Cable, a regional cable provider in Dipolog City in the Zamboanga del Norte district of the Philippines, aired a badly pirated version of Endgame, according to the Philippine News Agency. Imagine watching television and stumbling upon a shifty version of Endgame before getting a chance to shell out $15 for a ticket to watch it. It’s maddening! Proper moviegoing etiquette aside, it’s also illegal. Teatro de Dapitan, a local movie theater chain in the region, is suing Orient Cable for the obvious piracy, according to the Philippine News Agency.

The cable provider hasn’t issued a statement about its decision to run the pirated version of Endgame. Was it a prank, or perhaps a chance to hop on the most-talked about movie of the year? Orient Cable also hasn’t commented on or acknowledged that, by airing Endgame, it broke about three different federal Philippine laws, including the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, the Anti-Camcording Act, and the Cybercrime Prevention Act, according to Vice.

Before Avengers: Endgame came out, directors Joe and Anthony Russo asked fans not to spoil it. That code has already been broken on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and even by walking down a neighborhood street. (I don’t know who is leaving spoiler sidewalk drawings in Brooklyn, but if you’re reading this, please stop.)

Is it too much to ask that cable providers not break a multitude of federal laws just to spoil the movie for thousands of subscribers? Apparently so.


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