Dropping Albums and ep’s will never blow you

It is certainly no news that everyday,  Nigeria’s struggling Music industry receives lots of songs from upcoming artists who are very desperate about making it big With their singles.

However,  many of these Tracks fail to make impact, in fact two or three weeks is enough for them to die a natural Death. This must be frustrating for these hopeful Artist.

Taking into consideration the time and Money. Yet this continues to happen because of the reasons listed below.

1) ARTIST DO NOT SPEND TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES: no wonder, lagos is topping the league. I’ve heard a lot of Artists  say they want to go to Lagos because they want to “blow”. My brother…you can make it right where you are!. I’ll prefer people saying stuffs like  ‘I want to go to Lagos and shoot a video’ etc.  Lagos is topping the game simply because their artists are willing to spend money to promote themselves and they really want to do music. You can be in Jos, but yet pay for your music video  to be played in Hip TV, MTV base etc. Music is an investment! You only get what you give, GO GET THE CAPITAL FIRST!. And stop fooling yourself.

2) STUDY THE MARKET: in the music business, the audience matters a lot.  No matter how talented you are, without getting to know your target audience and what they want, it makes it difficult for you to rise above fray.

I’m not going to bored you with much talk but with these few points of mine,  I believe that you are convinced that is not the number of tracks that matters but how much you spend and through which channel you  promote your music.

Promote your music here and get the community 0f fans you need to get started.

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