Craze or Goal? whats your Take on this Pregnancy shot

pregnant women


Its almost a norm for pregnant women these days to display their Pot of joy to the media for likes, and over the years it has taken through another lane where women pose for nude shots in the name of prenatal shots.

sometimes they Entice their Husbands or the baby progeny in the display which i term ill due to our society and Norms.

Celebrities has been major Influence’s of some Twists and Trends happening now, some are displayed in their videos which the fans now copy as a way of life not knowing that its actually a form of costume for performances and these  form of living keeps evolving daily to worst. picture below draws my attention and i decide to ask if you guys takes this as normal or crazy.

I would love to know your point of Views on this below on the comment section.

pregnant women




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