Facebook controversial comedienne Ada Jesus seriously sick with chronic renal disorder | 2021 Health news


Ada Jesus seriously sick with kidney ailment | its not a good time for the popular controversial female comedian Mercy Ada Jesus who always appears in every social nagging and saga trending on Facebook.
Ada Jesus seriously sick, kidney disease

we found some pictures of her receiving blood on a hospital bed and after close inquiries we were informed that the young lady suffers from a long time renal disorder or Kidney Disease. If you can remember from a video of her on Facebook late last year while addressing issues with her estranged husband the comedienne hinted a clue which were ignored or taken as bragging when she said she spends millions in couple of months because she is sick from something that costs her almost 250,000 naira monthly to maintain and she hinted that she would never tell the husband about it since they have become so barren in love.

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Kindly remember this sister in your daily prayers as she is passing through lots with nephrosis.

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