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©️r By Innocent Chikodiri Paul.

Celebration After death _ The title of this article came to my mind while I was meditating. Over the years, the theme of this article had been the custom or perhaps our tradition in Nigeria. Since fortnight ago,

I have been seeing sad news of young talents who committed suicide because of depression or one unforeseen circumstances or another saddling different social media platforms. The truth remains we Nigerians are only good in two things celebrating people after they are dead and building more churches to pray without yielding any adequate and positive results to showcase for it which is quite sad.

It’s only in Nigeria that you would see people trooping out on social media platforms to celebrate their friends and explain to the whole world how good they were to them while they were alive. It’s only in Nigeria that people soliciting for support be it financial or provision are prayed for while it’s obvious that they actually need support.

Each time I see people celebrating the dead explaining how they were good to them while they were alive it pissed me off. Our level of hypocrisy in Nigeria should be a case study in any of Nigeria university or wherever. The truth remains we celebrate people more when they are dead than while they were alive in Nigeria.
We don’t even mind spending millions of naira’s to give the deceased a befitting burial the same money which cannot be given to such a person while he or she was alive.

I said it often, the reason why advanced countries such as Canada, Germany, U.S.A, China to mention a few are doing fine than us is because they value the life of their country men while they were alive and help one another in one way or the other.

This sad depleted narrative of celebration after death has eaten deep into the fabrics of our country and it is something we must try to bring to halt before it becomes uncontrollable!

I always feels that a human is human because of another human and our humanity must be contingent on the humanity of our fellow countrymen.

Let me drop my pen here!



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