OSIBANJO, FFK,helicopter crashed

“BEHOLD THE POLITICAL ERRAND BOY” By Femi Fani Koyode 1. His helicopter crashed but instead of him to proceed to a hospital his boss asked him to continue sharing trader money. 2. A. Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Professor of Law, yet under him lawlessness is practiced: he deputises forContinue Reading

    his words “The problem of Nigeria is not the north: it is the south. The north has strong, united and courageous leaders who put the northern interest BEFORE the Nigerian interest. The south has weak, divided and cowardly leaders who put the Nigerian interest BEFORE the southern interest”

Atiku Buhari

Ffk   If anyone is surprised by yesterday’s farcical, primitive and nonsensical ruling in the Atiku /Buhari election case then they still don’t understand the nature of the beast we are fighting and the gravity of the situation we are in. Sadly precisely the same thing will happen at theContinue Reading

Having two birthdays is every child’s dream – and it’s a reality for the Queen. Her Royal Highness’ official birthday is this Saturday, June 9, but the world’s longest living monarch actually turned 92 back in April. her public birthday is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in June. togetherContinue Reading