buhari practice despotic democracy

Buhari practising despotic democracy – PDP

THE Peoples Democratic Party, in the South West, Tuesday accused the administration of President Muhamnadu Buhari of practising despotic democracy.

It therefore raised the point that” Nigeria today is tottering dangerously on a precipice” “The Police action taken again both the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekeremadu clearly is an abuse of the fundamental human rights of the duo and also an abuse of power privileges.

A statement by its Zonal Publicity Secretary, Ayo Fadaka in Akure, Ondo state capital said ” President Buhari must also realize that he has since dropped his beret and jackboots, therefore, only persuasion and sincerity of purpose is required to populate any Party.

“We wish to point out that there exists a great danger to our democracy and this is apparent by the many attacks on perceived opponents or enemies of the Buhari administration.

“Democracy is not the same with despotism, the Constitution must be respected and also institutions like the National Assembly and Judiciary too must equally be respected.
The statement entitled “Despotic Democracy” said “We note with alarm President Buhari’s despotic democracy that seems to be gaining ascendancy in today’s Nigeria and therefore takes serious exception to this ugly development.

“No excuse or reason can justify the prosecution of this cheap and pedestrian action, these gentlemen are no criminals that should be hounded by the police who should clearly devote their time squarely to ridding our nation of the many criminal elements that torture the citizenry daily.
apc to pdp senators decamps
“We also know that the police invitation to Saraki is in furtherance of the petty attempt to rope him into the now famous Offa robbery, but President Buhari and his handlers should know that irrespective of concoctions in this regard, the eminent and illustrious background of Saraki will never make them to stick.

“However, this smokescreen is to hound him because of the obvious fact that fifteen Senators today abandoned the sinking APC ship for the PDP.
“The choice of political party is an inalienable right of every citizen and no power can hold those who have chosen to leave back in the APC.

“We however wish to congratulate the fifteen Senators for taking the bold step to dump a Party that exhibits absolute intolerance, incoherence and incompetence in the administration of our dear nation.

“Nigeria today is tottering dangerously on a precipice on account of these factors, a nation that was enjoying near absolute peace in 2015 is experiencing mayhem of differing proportions across board.

“The APC government of President Buhari has sentenced over 83%of our population to penury and life has become so unbearable.

“Nigerians today need a new lease of life and therefore call on many still hibernating in APC to bolt out of the Party now reputed for its failed promises, deceit and incompetence. “If truly this action against Saraki and Ekeremadu is being taken to forestall a sitting of the Senate with a view to preventing scores of APC Senators from decamping, it is pedestrian and disappointing.

“President Jonathan experienced similar actions in 2013 and exhibited maturity by taking all in his strides, President Buhari should just follow his worthy example.
Fadaka said “We also call on democrats within the APC to advice the President on what his response to this kind of developments should be, in this regard, we implore Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu and even the flippant Adams Oshiomhole, their National Chairman to initiate actions that will arrest this kind of odious developments that are capable of derailing our democracy.

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