Breaking News: Rip Drug Lord so sad for Him


A Nigerian Drug lord is dead, according to a Facebook user who shared  deep sorrow and regreat over the lose of his Teenage Friend, Itz Sunday Kandy Aka Drug-Lord.

The diseased happened to be a young and promising Teenager one among many who has made a wrong choice by taken to drugs (Tramadol, codeine and Rephnol ) to release emotional burdens, Depression and as a means of moving on with the hard economic situations of Nigeria without feeling it.  from posts on his timeline and close interactions we gathered the the diseased has been a chronic addict who fail to give heed to advises by close friend.

His last post was made on 29th of may 2018 and a day later the news of his death is rocking the hood, we use this medium to advice the Youths the the solutions to our problems are not Drugs and hopes on politicians but a better hard work on ourselves by getting good education and building a better Nigeria with our Voting power. Get your PVC today, a dead mans goal dies with  him, only those alive can see tomorrow, SAY NO TO DRUG ABUSE. Rip

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