BREAKING!!! Ikoyi Prison Security System Hijacked by a Fire Arms Suspect Inmate | 2018 breaking NEWS

All may not have been heard about the 661 pump-action riffles that were unlawfully imported into the country in January 2017 through the Lagos port. Ikoyi Prison Security System

While the accused persons have been arraigned in court and the case ongoing, one of the dramatis personae in the case, Donatus Achinulo who has been refused bail by Justice Ayokunle Faji in view of the charges leveled against him and his co-defendants is having a field day and living like a Lord in Ikoyi Prisons.

IGBERE TV Investigators have discovered a lot of rot in the running of Ikoyi Prisons, one of which is a serious security breach in the Ikoyi Prisons Security Network, in connivance with DCP Tolu Ogunsakin. Investigations reveal that Donatus Achinulo who is currently standing trial and detained in Ikoyi Prisons was the one that installed the new CCTV electronics system in the prison thereby giving him and his boys access to monitor the entire prison security system. He, Donatus also provided free Walkie-Talkies to Prison Warders, which he allegedly intercepts to monitor official communications within the prisons.

Further investigations have shown that the installation of the CCTV was not a project of the Ikoyi Prisons Authority as there were neither tenders nor job quotations to support the installation. The CCTV was installed 3 weeks ago by three young men brought in by Donatus Achinulo. The prison Authority doesn’t even know the name or antecedents of the company that handled the installation which is a major source of concern. Neither does the Lagos State Command nor the Abuja headquarters of the Nigeria Prison Service aware that a Fire Arms detainee who is a threat to national security installed Close Circuit TV in Ikoyi Prisons. The office of the Attorney General, the NSA, and the Nigeria Customs that are prosecuting the case are also oblivious of what is going on.

IGBERE TV has it on record that The TV for monitoring the CCTV footage is on Ogunsakin’s table while another one is in the Ikeja office of Donatus Achinulo. This is really a ‘Greek gift’ so to say.

We are not sure the connection between Donatus and DSP Tolu Ogunsakin. But whatever it is has accorded a lot of privileges to Donatus Achinulo. He is allowed to make telephone calls at will which is a breach of the security system of the prison. DSP Ogunsakin has also been seen secretly taking Donatus Achinulo out of the prisons for undisclosed reasons.

When IGBERE TV reporter spoke with the Prisons PRO, Rotimi Oladokun, he responded in a text message saying:

“Matters of security, security apparatus and equipment are provided by the Nigerian Prisons Service Headquarter Abuja, while the Lagos State Government through the Security Trust Fund provide /donate security equipment and intervention to all security agencies within the state of which the Nigerian Prisons is a vital stakeholder and a beneficiary of these interventions. It is total disinformation that a serving inmate donated any security equipment to any prison”.

However, in a bid to cover up and forestall any further investigation by the DSS, NSA, the Nigeria Customs and the Prisons Headquarters in Abuja, given of the gravity of the act and the implications to the Ikoyi Prisons, IGBERE TV investigations reveal that the DCP and his cohorts are scouting for an NGO that would claim responsibility for the installation of the CCTV since Abuja did not approve such. We also gathered that there exists CCTV originally installed by the Prisons Authority which has packed up because of the rot in the system.

Our concern in this matter is not about the CCTV installation but who installed it: a detained prime suspect standing trial in illegal Fire Arms importation.

Why did DCP Ogunsakin allow CCTV to be installed by a detainee who is standing trial for illegal importation of Firearms? Was he financially induced? What is his interest in this? If he was financially induced, how much was involved. What is the motive of Donatus Achinulo in installing the CCTV for the Prisons free of charge? Was it deliberately fixed for the inmate to monitor activities by his boys outside the prison to know the security lapses of the prison authorities? Is he planning on taking advantage of the breached prisons security system to execute his plans? It is possible that Donatus is intercepting the frequency of the Walkie-Talkies he gave to the prison Warders?

These are questions that need answers.

Given the sensitive nature of these development to the overall security of the country, we hereby call on the DSS and all relevant security agencies to quickly visit Ikoyi Prisons to carry out investigations to ascertain the level of breaches in the entire prisons security.

More reports coming soon.

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