It is clear from all indications that Bill Gates sponsored the manufacturing of the corona virus

It is clear from all indications that Bill Gates sponsored the manufacturing of the coronavirus!

The pandemic was planned long time ago and the coded article titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” was published on May 2010 by The Rockefeller Foundation. Their aim is clearly stated, to infect about 20 percent of the world population and kill 8 million people within seven months. Crippled economies, restrict the international mobility of both people and goods, debilitate industries like tourism and break global supply chains and make every bustling shops empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers, and afterwards forcing everyone to wear face masks and undergo body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets.

Bill Gates said “We will not go back to normal until a vaccine has gotten out to the entire world”.
Even Satan cannot say such a pompous word. Bill Gates is directly saying that he is the most powerful person on earth and the one to control the world. He want the lockdown to continue globally until we all accept mandatory vaccination giving him the room to make hundreds of billions of dollars from the vaccines. And don’t forget that one of their agenda is to depopulate the world and also invent medicine that will make them live longer and younger. They called the themselves the Elites”, believing that they are the one controlling the world.
The people who manufactured Covid 19 sent people who claims to be medical experts to all the commercial cities across the world to spray the coronavirus into the air for people to inhale weeks before the world new what was happening even during the lockdown.
If the Coronavirus wasn’t sprayed into the air, how did it got on the walls, ground, even under people shoes in Italy? Why are we spraying down hospital entrances, playgrounds, bus stops and other public places with disinfectants to eradicate covid-19?
Their plans was to invent the vaccines before the outbreak but their plan failed when the Chinese doctor hint the world about a possible outbreak of a pandemic from China which did not gave them enough time complete their agenda.
The whole process started in the US and was shifted to China for a finish up. Bill Gates is working with so many high profile doctors, scientists, political figures and mainstream media to carry out this agenda. Therefore all this TV networks will do everything to defend and protect him on their channels. And any video on YouTube or Facebook attacking him will be taken down.
Bill Gates has invested so much in order to make a fortune off the coronavirus, so if anyone else who is not part of the his team comes up with a tested and proven solution for the coronavirus, Bill Gates will use the mainstream media and the World Health Organization which he has been sponsoring to fight against them because they want to make billions of dollars from their deadly vaccines.
After escaping lawsuit against him in India, and knowing fully well that the coronavirus vaccine would definitely trigger more harmful effect on people than the coronavirus itself, Bil Gates is worried and saying that he wouldn’t distribute his vaccines until governments agree to indemnify him against lawsuits, knowing that his vaccines has killed millions of people in Africa and India in the past.
The only opposition that Bill Gates and his team has now is President Donald Trump because Trump would not allows them to carry out their evil agenda. And one of their major agenda is to cripple the American economic and pave way for China to emerged world superpower.
Bill Gates said he speaks with Dr. Fauci almost everyday, just imagine what he has been telling him. Dr Anthony Fauci want to eat his cake and have it, he doesn’t want to loss his position in the Whitehouse and doesn’t want to loss his billions of dollars share from the forthcoming Bill Gates vaccines. Dr Fauci and Bill Gates both knew and predicted pandemic before it outbreak.
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In Africa, Tanzanian President John Magufuli says he secretly sent a range of non human samples to be tested for coronavirus, to his amazement a quail, a goat and a pawpaw came back positive. Magufuli immediately suspended the director of the lab and called for an investigation into the “dirty game” in the laboratory, suggesting that the “equipment or people may be compromised”, hinting at “sabotage” in a speech broadcast live through state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).
He encourages people to keep attending church services, insisting that prayers “can vanquish” the “satanic” virus. Magufuli also accused international health officials of exaggerating the crisis and suggested some health workers “may have been put on the payroll of imperialists”.
Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina recently launched Covid-Organics (CVO), produced by Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA), from the artemisia plant used in malaria treatment, an “improved traditional remedy with curative and preventive properties” against the coronavirus, as he described it. Several African countries including Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and the Republic of Congo have ordered the herbal tonic from Madagascar touted as a cure for COVID-19, even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has dismissed such claims and warned its effects have not been proven or even tested by scientists.

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For more details email [email protected]

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