Bank W condemns D'banj Actions,banky w

Bank W condemns D’banj Actions by Arresting his Rape Accuser seyitan ( Hot New Celebrity Gists 2020 )

Bank W condemns D'banj Actions,banky w, Bank W condemns D'banj Actions

Bank W condemns D’banj Actions , The singer took to his Twitter page to state that if D’Banj was truly being falsely accused then a defamation lawsuit was the right move.

However, locking up Seyitan her and her mom in jail whether it was orchestrated by D’Banj or his handlers is completely wrong. Banky W said he hopes D’Banj can denounce the report himself.

He wrote:  “The news lately has been so hard to read, but we must never support the oppressing or silencing of victims by the Police. If Dbanj truly was being falsely accused, then a “defamation of character” lawsuit was the right move – but that’s where it should have stopped (1)

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Whether it was overzealous police officers/Dbanj/his handlers that orchestrated it – locking Seyitan and/or her Mom in jail, seizing her phone, preventing her from reaching her lawyers/family etc is completely wrong – and I hope Dbanj will denounce it himself. (2)

We all saw the vid that showed a sitting Senator physically assaulting a woman & then having her arrested. Victims will never speak up against oppression if we allow the system to silence them. Civil cases must be decided by the courts, never by the abuse of the Police Force (3)

Bank W condemns D’banj Actions

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